1. Gender Reporting

This award will recognize journalists who have prioritized and provided an understanding of issues that seek to promote gender equity, equality, and empowerment of men and women in society. The concept of gender-sensitive reporting comes into play and focuses on such storytelling.

2. Best Prime Time Bulletin

This award recognizes news bulletins that are informative, capture public interest issues, present changing events and current affairs in a creative and entertaining manner. Viewers and listeners will vote for bulletins in this category via the online platform. Media houses can mobilize their listeners to vote.

3. Cartoonist of the Year

The award recognizes artistic creativity and presentation through caricatures and illustrations. It looks at journalists quality of work and an in-depth representation of topical and national issues that have a bearing on the lives of members of the public.

6. Health Reporting

This award recognizes journalists’ ability to generate interpretative stories that go beyond medical terms to inform the public on health. Stories in this category will include Universal Health Care (UHC) Development in health innovation, Covid 19, and the Big Four Agenda.

7. Sports Reporting

This award recognizes sports stories that are balanced and informative, providing an understanding on the importance of sports in talent search, policies, international image building and national development.

8. Agriculture and Food Security

The category seeks to recognize and celebrate journalists who plan and produce articles that capture current trends in agriculture, food security and production, research and innovation, and verify the data and sources in the story.

16. Best Investigative Story

This award recognizes journalists who will go beyond the surface, dig out facts and expose public interest matters. Using various tools and journalism tools, such stories will focus on matters that have great implication for the society, but which the actors don’t want shared/known by the public. These may be great exposes on public interest matters.

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