About AJEA



The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) is a statutory and self-regulatory body established by the Media Council Act 2013 to regulate and enhance journalism profession, and protect media freedom in Kenya. The Council executes this mandate through professional training particularly on values and ethics in journalism, engaging journalists and other media players on emerging issues in media, monitoring broadcast and print media, advice the Government on media related policy issues, protection and defense of journalists and arbitration in cases of breaches to the Code of Conduct for the practice of Journalism in Kenya. MCK, in its strategic plan 2018- 2023 Key Result Area 2, focuses on enhancing media development and ensuring high standards of journalism practice.


 AJEA 2021 Dates

 The MCK is scheduled to hold its Ninth Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) on 4th May 2021 as the culmination of the World Press Freedom Day 2021. 


Objectives of the Media Awards 

The awards are a continuous annual celebration of journalistic excellence and achievement in Kenya. The awards culminate in a gala dinner organized to showcase professionalism in the media industry in Kenya. The key objectives of the awards are:

  1. To identify, celebrate and maintain excellence in journalism and the media industry in general. 
  2. Recognize journalists who have demonstrated high standards of reportage and ethics in their work. 
  3. To identify areas of capacity need for journalists and media practitioners to maintain standards of excellence in the profession. 
  4. To motivate young journalists to seek to excel in their work and grow in the profession. 
  5. Challenge journalists to achieve the highest standards of ethics in the profession and practice of journalism. 
  6. Inspire journalists to play their role in upholding democracy, integrity and accountability in society.
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