Message from the CEO


Dear Journalist,

The Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) 2024 is here!

The Media Council of Kenya invites you to display your best work over the last one year.

It has been a year of mixed news events with the global and national uncertainties

presented by Climate Change, the King’s Royal visit to Kenya, unprecedented flooding,

national power outages, conflicts, roll-out of a new tax regime, protests and other events

of national interest.

In Kenya the media industry has faced challenges of sustainability and journalists have

remained faithful to the call. We know journalism continues despite the changing tides.

AJEA showcases outstanding news pieces and productions in print, digital and broadcast

media. This year’s entries have categories cutting across media platforms including social media


Take advantage of AJEA 2024 to submit your best media and journalistic work as a

demonstration of your professional service to the public.

We invite you to submit your stories that impacted audiences over the last one year via

the AJEA 2024 portal http://ajea.mediacouncil.or.ke.


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